Intution is it a gift or a curse?

Wow is all I can say right now. Every since I was 7 years old I have had visions and dreams about things before they happen. The first experience I can recall is having a dream my great grandmother died and waking to tell my mom only to find her in tears as she was hanging up the phone. I said to her “its grandma huh?” She looked at me with her mouth wide open and asked ” what do you mean? I said I dreamt she died. My mom was so surprised because I was right.

The next experience was seeing my father and having a conversation with him when I was about 9. Mind you he died when I was 19 days old so I knew very little about him. When I tried to hug him he disappeared and I ran directly to my mom and described him to a tee right down to his ears turning red when I told him my grandma wanted nothing to do with me. She was in shock.

I have had so many damn experiences it always creeps me out and disturbs me so bad at times I try to block them out. I either see a vision of whatever it is or I dream it, but most of the time I truely just feel something isn’t right and it comes in like an anxiety attack then I just have a very detailed thought. Its hard to explain but I just know.

It drives me crazy because when I confront whoever it might be they usually shut me down or out and tell me I’m crazy or its just my imagination. Well to be honest I really wish it was because I don’t know which is worse not knowing or knowing that your being lied to, betrayed or even cheated on.

I know it has cost me alot of self destruction in the past and now that I have become a little more accepting of it and learning to tap into it its actually a gift. I know Im not as crazy as everyone likes to think and its not my imagination like they always,always,always tell me. Nope I just know when I’m being fucked over.


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