Kill Joys

Kill joys those people so unhappy with themselves,their lives,their choices and life in general. Those people who see another person happy, full of joy living their life unapologetically. They see those who are fulfilling their dreams and doing what makes them happy so they have to destroy it or try. Misery loves company and when those people can’t find their own happiness they will use all their energy attempting to kill your joy. 

Now don’t get me wrong I am not judging anyone. I am simply stating facts as I am guilty of being that unhappy kill joy myself during my darkest hours. Fortunately, I changed and healed. No matter how much darkness I experience or how many people try to kill my joy, I stay in my faith and refuse to allow myself to be lowered into their negativity.

I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life. I have many things I’ve done I am not proud of. Do I regret any of them? No I don’t. I am who I am today because of them  and I learned from them. I will not apologize for them and I will not let them define who I am as No-one on earth  could understand the things that I endured and that led me to those situations. Mistakes are just that mistakes, I am human. 

I am brave ,strong and beautiful. My heart is pure and good, I love with all my heart, I am generous and trusting and haven’t let those experiences bad or good change who I am at the core. 

I am living my dreams ,I have paid my dues and then some and I have so many experiences that when I die , they will never be able to say I didn’t live, love or experience life to the fullest. 

I might slide into death bruised ,scarred, battered and beaten, but never ever defeated!!!!! Go find your own Joy and Happiness and stop being a Kill Joy!!!!


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