Just Let Me Be

Deep beneath my skin to the deepest part of me

there is a fire burning,

With extreme intensity.

 I can feel each flame burst

through my body each and every day. Oh how I thirst for peace at night when in bed I lay.

The anger and hurt a wrath of anxiety.

It takes every whit of my vigor to be social and step out into society.

It doesn’t matter where I resort or what I may consummate, 

it seems like all eyes are on me, 

just waiting to gossip,or simply aggravate.

Oh god tell to let me be,to live their own lives 

rectify their own immoralities.

How I crave to feel free,

to not harbor bad feelings and negativity, those which have led me to appear tainted and full of greif.

Joann Lynn Noppe copyright c 2003