​Just keep taking these chances 

I’m a hopeless romantic

Just hoping and praying someday that I will finally find the one

But I keep getting reruns of the same old shit 

Yep same old song come give me a new verse one that doesn’t  hurt 

One that sounds as sweet as the blue jays singing 

On the spring morning in Michigan 

Something is different this time

 My mind is blown my heart is cold and not sure I will ever shake this cloud 

The damage is on the surface though 

His ego couldnt peirce my soul 

Truth is I spotted his weaknesses a long time ago

He can’t be alone

Yet there is where I thrive.

So I was heavily prepared as sad as that is 

and when he said go, I gladly ablideged


Just Let Me Be

Deep beneath my skin to the deepest part of me

there is a fire burning,

With extreme intensity.

 I can feel each flame burst

through my body each and every day. Oh how I thirst for peace at night when in bed I lay.

The anger and hurt a wrath of anxiety.

It takes every whit of my vigor to be social and step out into society.

It doesn’t matter where I resort or what I may consummate, 

it seems like all eyes are on me, 

just waiting to gossip,or simply aggravate.

Oh god tell to let me be,to live their own lives 

rectify their own immoralities.

How I crave to feel free,

to not harbor bad feelings and negativity, those which have led me to appear tainted and full of greif.

Joann Lynn Noppe copyright c 2003 

Energy never lies.

​I don’t even look for physical attributes or similarities of personality  in humans anymore because for me it’s  all about the vibe and  energy. Words can easily misinterpret someone’s heart, feelings and intentions. But vibes and energy don’t lie. Just being around beautiful energy is so refreshing and rejuvenating. There is nothing like building beautiful  energy orbs in a room full of like-minded  individuals and talking to  beings who radiate so much passion and intelligence that it brings our inner light out and the best thoughts and ideas you could ever think of. Those are the moments when you fall in love with life and everything it has to offer. Possibilities just rise from our subconscious minds and suddenly life seems so easy to conquer. Suddenly life is fun and lighthearted and all you want to do is surround yourself with these beautiful souls!

Incarcerated in my head

Deepest trouble I’ve ever known is the thoughts that circulate in my mind. Analytical or crazy sometimes I’m not even sure. I swear sometimes I feel incarcerated in my own head. How do I escape,how do I make them stop. The past ,the present the future and how each one affects the other. If I can’t let go of the past I risking destroying my present which utimatly affects my future.

So I pray real hard give it to God, give it to the angels, hell give it to someone because I don’t want them anymore . I want to live in the moment and I do but then they always circle back to the fucken betrayal and pain I endured from you.

I don’t want you to win and I truly thought I healed and every time some how you find your way back in my head. Creating doubts  and fears I try so hard to steer clear as I have forgiven you and I have moved on and so have you. So tell me how someone so cruel can still consume you?
So many people see me as aloof, but the truth be told I have the deepest  soul and a heart of gold and even with all the damage you caused I still care for you. I hear you are really sick now and some how I can’t stop worrying wishing I could be there for you . You don’t deserve it and I should hate you but here I am praying and sending healing thoughts to you. Now ask me about loyalty and being true. That’s depth and that’s heart something I never received from you.

Weekly Photo Challenge

One Love- My love for the Rockies


The Rockies In Idaho

The Rockies call me
The salt and pepper rocks sing
Inside me is nature


The Rockies in Idaho Falls


The Rockies and Snake River


The Rockies in Wyoming


The Rockies in Wyoming


The Rockies Eldora National Forest California


The Rockies Eldora National Forest California

Kill Joys

Kill joys those people so unhappy with themselves,their lives,their choices and life in general. Those people who see another person happy, full of joy living their life unapologetically. They see those who are fulfilling their dreams and doing what makes them happy so they have to destroy it or try. Misery loves company and when those people can’t find their own happiness they will use all their energy attempting to kill your joy. 

Now don’t get me wrong I am not judging anyone. I am simply stating facts as I am guilty of being that unhappy kill joy myself during my darkest hours. Fortunately, I changed and healed. No matter how much darkness I experience or how many people try to kill my joy, I stay in my faith and refuse to allow myself to be lowered into their negativity.

I have made a lot of bad decisions in my life. I have many things I’ve done I am not proud of. Do I regret any of them? No I don’t. I am who I am today because of them  and I learned from them. I will not apologize for them and I will not let them define who I am as No-one on earth  could understand the things that I endured and that led me to those situations. Mistakes are just that mistakes, I am human. 

I am brave ,strong and beautiful. My heart is pure and good, I love with all my heart, I am generous and trusting and haven’t let those experiences bad or good change who I am at the core. 

I am living my dreams ,I have paid my dues and then some and I have so many experiences that when I die , they will never be able to say I didn’t live, love or experience life to the fullest. 

I might slide into death bruised ,scarred, battered and beaten, but never ever defeated!!!!! Go find your own Joy and Happiness and stop being a Kill Joy!!!!

Ask and you shall receive


Ever since I was a child I have dreamt of the Rockies and Colorado. As an adult I became a Broncos fan and I have been to many states but I have never seen the west coast.


When I was a teenager I wanted to move to California and start a rock band as I even started to learn to play guitar and piano. Well that never happened I became a mother instead.

Kids are grown and now all my dreams are coming true slowly but surely. I am writing which is huge as I have always wrote. Music, poetry and even many many journals. I even had a poem published but has all been on negativity,
Hurt and anger.


I always had a hard time writing when I was happy as if I had nothing to say or maybe I was to busy being happy. But now the words are flowing out of me like water I am full of love and gratitude and peace. I truly don’t care what anyone says or thinks because you see they are not me and they can not affect me any more.

I have finally seen the light after what I hope to be the worst of the darkness and I am living out my dreams and desires and doing what I have always wanted to. Most people are to afraid to leave their comfort zones and wander off into the unknown. I am just the opposite, I thrive on it.


So when I knew I was going on the road all I could think or talk about is Colorado and how I had to see it. The first week out and we get sent to Denver. It seems as though the universe is just shining on me. Every time I ask it sends me my wishes and then some.

I pray and talk to my angels daily. I have changed my way of thinking and I don’t let the haters hurt me anymore rather I send them blessings. I pray for them. I truly want everyone to be happy and blessed and now I am so blessed and happy and everyday full of abundance and gratitude.

A friend once told me to be careful what you put into the universe because it listens and I am a firm believer of that now. So next time you truly want something focus on it as if it were already here. If it’s for you it won’t pass you.